The cost of hearing aids preventing you from taking that next step?

We are offering special pricing on our Copper Level hearing aids for the month of March!

Pay only $2000 for two hearing aids, two year warranty, two year loss & damage and a two year supply of batteries! This level of technology is basic and may not be appropriate for all listening needs, so call 810-388-9400 and schedule an appointment for an evaluation today. We will also offer up to $500 off higher level technology for those who have more demanding listening needs, so we’ve got you covered!

Welcome to Advanced Audiology Services

We are aware that in this industry you have many choices for your hearing health care. Our goal is to “stand out from the crowd” by providing you with comprehensive services, offering quality products from leading manufacturers and most importantly, providing exceptional patient care that will make a lasting impression on you and your family.

Our provider, Lisa Bont, is a Certified Clinical Audiologist with a post-graduate Masters Degree in Audiology from Western Michigan University. She has over twenty years experience in this field and truly enjoys her profession. She finds great satisfaction in helping others improve their lives by providing effective communication solutions. Read More