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Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

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Do you have an active social life, and love nothing more than meeting up with family and friends any time you can? Hearing is your most important sense for allowing you to make connections with others, and if you want to be able to stay as socially connected as you can, looking after the health of your hearing is incredibly important. You want to be able to easily hear every word of a conversation when you talk to your loved ones.

Even if you aren’t the most talkative person in the room, living with untreated hearing loss will soon make many of your social activities much more difficult or even unbearable. This can lead to problems with anxiety, social isolation and even depression


Hearing loss will impact your ability to hear in all situations, but you will likely notice it the most when you struggle to follow conversations. You might find that you have to strain to hear what is being said, and then have a hard time making sense of what you hear. In places with a lot of background noise, like restaurants, you might struggle to separate the sounds of speech from the distracting background noise.

Trying to interpret all these sounds can be stressful and tiring, making you feel tense and stressed out as you struggle to understand what is happening around you. You can’t grasp the meaning behind the words even though you hear most of the sounds, and you’re easily frustrated at yourself and others for your inability to follow conversations. 

When you have hearing loss, you will often have to ask people to repeat themselves. You might mishear things and feel embarrassed if you make a response that doesn’t make sense. The stress of this can lead to anxiety, or you might find you feel anxious when you meet a group of friends or your family somewhere like a busy cafe. 

Some people stop answering the phone, and conversations that would have once been a joy for you can become frustrating and hard. Hearing loss left untreated increases anxiety as you find it harder to interpret the sounds around you, and have a hard time reacting to your surroundings. 

Social Isolation

As your hearing loss increases, you might start to avoid social situations that make you feel anxious or uncomfortable, choosing to stay at home instead of struggling to join conversations where you can’t follow what’s being said. This causes your social network to shrink, and you won’t be as social as before. You may start to isolate yourself at home. Hearing loss can make you feel misunderstood and make you worry about being a burden to others. 

As the gap in communication gets worse, you might start to avoid events like family gatherings or birthday parties. As you lose these connections, it can be very tough to reconnect with your loved ones and catch up on what you’ve missed. 

People with social isolation often have more limited mobility and a higher risk of early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If you are experiencing social isolation, you will have a reduced quality of life and will experience mental, emotional and physical consequences of being isolated. 


When you’re dealing with hearing loss and struggle to connect with friends and family, your risk of depression is much higher. Struggling to communicate can make your isolated and alone, finding it hard to connect. It’s not surprising that those with hearing loss often experience depression, as they feel cut off from people around them. 

Get help

It can be hard to notice the precise moment when you start to disconnect. Perhaps you’ve skipped a few dinners with friends. Did you avoid the event because of your hearing loss? Did you feel anxious or worried about keeping up with the conversations?

If you can’t concentrate well anymore or enjoy social events, you can call Advanced Audiology Services LLC and find the best hearing devices to help you stay socially connected. Hearing aids can give you back the ability to communicate well, help you to hear conversations again and make sense of the world around you. 

You should be able to enjoy your community, your favorite restaurant and time to connect with your loved ones. If you have any concerns about your hearing, contact Advanced Audiology Services LLC at 810-388-9400 to discuss your worries.