No matter what your hearing needs are we can help!

No-Cost Hearing Screenings

This is a basic test performed in a soundproof booth that measures how you hear the four main frequencies. The results of this test will help determine if a complete diagnostic test is necessary. This test only takes a few minutes and we provide this service at no-cost!

Diagnostic Hearing Tests

This is a more comprehensive hearing test than a screening. This test will determine the type, degree, configuration and symmetry of your hearing loss. The evaluation includes a variety of measurements to rule out any medically treatable causes of hearing loss. Speech testing in quiet and noisy situations will also be completed to determine your ability to process speech sounds.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

If your diagnostic hearing test determines you are a candidate for hearing aids, our audiologist will answer any questions you may have as well as explain all the solutions that are available to you. She will discuss hearing aid technology, styles and cost so that you are able to make an informed decision about hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Repair

We service most makes and models of hearing aids regardless of age or where the hearing aids were purchased. All of our hearing aid repairs come with a minimum of a six month warranty.